Located in a site area of about 130,000 sq.ft., the manufacturing complex employs experienced scientists, technologists, and other professionals and is equipped with independent manufacturing blocks with latest machines for higher outputs and automated control systems. cGMP and WHO GMP certification ensures the best quality and stringent safety measures in the manufacturing facility


Area under different heads in our manufacturing facility

Non Beta-Lactam - 29294 sq. ft.
Beta-Lactam - 17711 sq. ft.
Receiving Bay - 1804 sq. ft.
Exit Bay - 1352 sq. ft.
Utility Section - 4540 sq. ft.
Effluent Treatment Plant - 1883 sq. ft.
Welfare Unit - 3060 sq. ft.
Space for Future Expansion - 30531 sq. ft.
Inside Roads and Garden - 34280 sq. ft.


Water System

Martina placed a high priority on the quality of water used in production of finished product, intermediate reagent preparation, analytical processes and especially in case of parenteral products where quality of water must complies as per Pharmacopoeia. In present scenario, the quality of pharmaceutical water is maintained by setting a good pharmaceutical water system and this system encompasses system design qualification, attention of the regulatory requirements which are updated time to time. Our source of rawwater is bore well and it pass through the R.O.System and further it will pass through the mix bed unit which allows production of the typical less than 1 conductivity water. The High Purity Water will further pass through the 0.5 & 0.45 micron Absolute Micron Cartridge filter and U.V.System and will be stored into the Close Loop Tank. Then itpasses through Multiple Effect Distillation Steel to get water for injection, separately for general block and Beta-Lactam block


Power Supply

Achieving high plant availability and workplace safety begins with ensuring that all production areas are supplied with the power they need. Our solutions are based on our end-to-end power distribution concept and intelligent network planning, from the power feed to supply points. Our innovative software tools support fast and professional dimensioning, project planning, and documentation of the solution. A concept, that it is implemented in accordance with the strictest safety standards and achieves consistently high productivity and product quality.


Utility System

Utility system consistsof highly upgraded HVAC system forthe environmental condition of cubicle. Boiler is used to generate raw steam which passes through PSG to produce pure steam used in direct contact sterilization such as HPHV process. Filtered compressed air (particle free, moisture free and oil free) is available for the machines and user point. Separate PSG are available for both Beta-Lactam block and general block.

Latest News

From the beginning we were one-of-a-reputed Pharmaceutical Company in the market arena. Equipped with ultra modern machineries,

From the beginning we were one-of-a-reputed Pharmaceutical Company in the market arena. Equipped with ultra modern machineries,